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SC200/200 construction lifter
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SC200/200 construction lifter is a new generation of construction elevator developed by Jiiangyin Hengyang construction machinery co., LTD. It has outstanding features like the advanced technical performance, a safe and reliable application, the high hoisting altitude, strong carrying capacity, convenient dismounting and installation and convenient maintenance and so on.There is a very reliable electrical and mechanical safety system. It is suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings, television towers, bridges, water towers, power stations, chimney and other projects. It can be very easy to install and dismount, and can rise with the construction altitude rising. It is the most ideal vertical transportation equipment in modern construction engineering.

The machine adopts computer aided design, so compared with the traditional construction lifter, it has the features like beautiful shape, light structure, convenient installation and dismounting, safe and reliable application, strong applicability, wide range in application, etc. As needed, after adding the VVVF speed regulation and PLC control, SC200/200 construction lifter can realize 0 - 34 m/min stepless speed regulation and automatically selecting layer, automatic leveling, to meet the different needs of different users. It posses more excellent technical performance, safer and more reliable operation mechanism, and a more compact structure.

Product technical parameter

Rated loading capacity(kg)


Rated persons capacity(person) 20×2

Rated lifting speed(m/min)


Motor power(Kw)



Inner-space size of hoisting cage(m)


Standard section size(m)


Maximum lifting height(m)


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