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SC100/100 construction lifter
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The construction lifter adopts square guiding track bracket attached to the wall. It is a cargo lift pulling hoisting vertically up and down with motor pinion. It applies to the vertical transportation of materials in construction sites below 69m height and other occasions . Its main characteristic is to change the assembled section of derrick material hoist type to standard section of guiding track bracket type, with quick and convenient  dismounting and installation. Using SC200/200 personnel and material anti-falling safety device can ensure that once there’s the motor brake failure, hoisting cage can be firmly stopped in the guiding track bracket, which greatly improves the safety of the product. It is of high quality and low price and with safe and reliable performance. Is a new upgrade product instead of the derrick material hoist.

Product technical parameter

Rated loading capacity(kg)

Single cage1000
(Double cage 2×1000)

Rated lifting speed(m/min)


Electric motor

Rated power (KW)

Single cage:15
Double cage: 2×15

Power supply


Inner-space size of hoisting cage(m)



Standard section size(m)


Maximum lifting height(m)


Free end altitude(m)


Derrick lifting weight(kg)


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