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SSD100/100 cargo construction lifter
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This machine is a combination of many other advantages of the gear rack and the derrick construction lifter, is a new generation of the material hoist in the currently building construction industry, with higher security and reliability. It has the following advantages:

1. It is more compact and reasonable than steel derrick structure. It can be equipped with a double cage within the same layout area.

2. Its type is similar to the gear-rack personnel and cargo lift.To be compared, its use cost is only 30% of the personnel and cargo lift, and its purchase expense is less than 50% of the personnel and cargo lift.

3. It is equipped with the electric auto-lift platform, which can make installation and dismounting more convenient and reliable, meanwhile save labor and time.

4. Added with tension self-balance device and tensioning wheel on the traction steel rope, and combined with automatic stop layer electronic control system which reduces the wear and consumption, it can stop on the layer safer and more reliable.

5. It is equipped with load lifting limiter, speed limiter, progressive safety gear, which eliminates the occurrence of safety accidents caused by overload and decline.

Product technical parameter

Rated loading capacity(kg)


Rated lifting speed(m/min)


Maximum mounting height(m)


Maximum lifting height(m)


Main motor power(kw)


Inner-space size of hoisting cage(mm)


Standard section size(mm)


Derrick rated load lifting capacity(kg)


Hoisting cage weight(kg)


Counter weight(kg)


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