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SS100 construction lifter
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Technical performance

SS100 construction lifter is the new type derrick freight lift designed in accordance with GB26657-2011, JGJ88-2010, JGJ59-2011and safety technical specification, which is also called material hoist. It is mainly used for material vertical transportation in multi-layer building construction.

Main features

1. Hoisting cage anti-falling device. Once rope snaps for some reason, the two anti-falling device braking claws on the cage can hold the guide rail in an instant and help prevent the accident of hoisting cage falling to the ground.

2. Double limit protection device. It is equipped with upper and lower limit and upper limit protection device to ensure the hoisting cage not to upthrust the top and hit the bottom.

3. Interlocking safety device. Hoisting cage safety door is equipped with linkage protection device. When the door is not closed, the winch can't start.

4. Dock floor installation. It can stop at whichever floor automatically according to the needs of the construction.

5. Derrick adopts double track, resistance to overturning torque is big, which can ensure the hoisting cage to run smoothly.

6. The bottom of the frame body is equipped with buffer, which can effectively slow down the impact of hoisting cage falling.

7. Hoisting cage is all closed around, which can effectively control the chop suey goods falling.

8. Hoisting cage and frame body adopt color spraying to ensure the operator with a clear sight.

Main performance



Hoisting cage rated loading capacity


The frame body biggest frame design height

Standard 24m biggest 42m

Rated lifting speed


Anti-falling device biggest falling distance


Motor model


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